Our Mission

The Office of Housing and Residence Life supports the overall mission of Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, by providing community members with a well-maintained, comfortable, safe, and sustainable environment where academic progress, personal growth, and global citizenship are valued.

Our Vision and Goals


  • Provide reasonably priced residential facilities that are secure, clean, attractive, accessible and well-kept.
  • Connect students to campus and community resources to enhance their personal, academic, spiritual, professional, and social aspirations.
  • Foster an environment of care that encourages healthy decision-making and emotional well-being.
  • Support our residents in advocating for their rights, needs, and interests.


  • Complete routine preventative and reactive maintenance, and provide regular updates to facilities.
  • Provide exceptional service towards community members in a polite and respectful manner.
  • Offer opportunities for leadership and identity development that fortify the skills necessary to prepare students for life after the college experience.
  • Enforce university policies to foster the ideals of community living, personal accountability for one’s actions, and mutual respect, such as but not limited to, the community standards outlined in the On-Campus Living Guide.
  • Implement programs that engage our students, reinforce the development of essential life skills, promote academic success, community service, increase cultural awareness, and encourage social interactions that build a community atmosphere.
  • Effectively recruit, train, develop, and support a diverse team of staff members that strive to meet and exceed student needs and expectations.
  • Utilize research and assessment to focus continuous improvement in service to students, customers, and campus stakeholders.

Our Philosophy

The Office of Housing and Residence Life is committed to providing students with experiences that enhance an academic environment with applied skills. As such, the following areas represent the particular focus of the department and initiatives community members will have access to through participation in on-campus housing.


Residents will participate in communities that bring together stakeholders with a large variety of social identities. We expect that our facilities be a space that respects all individuals and groups, and we encourage residents to engage in formal and informal multicultural education through exploration of their own identities and the identities of those around them (including but not limited to age, gender, biological sex, religion, race, ethnicity, physical and mental abilities).


Residents will have the opportunity to make a difference in their community through meaningful service. We strive to create lasting connections with our community and help our students become engaged, informed, and socially responsible citizens in the residence halls, our host city of Camden, and beyond.


Community members will be able to gain a greater understanding of sustainability through participation in departmental initiatives- from passive education efforts – including trash and recycling streams that all community members contribute towards – to active education efforts, including the Green Team. We strive to educate ourselves and our residents to promote decision-making that is socially, economically, and environmentally beneficial to our community.