We are so excited to welcome you to campus for the upcoming academic year! Our team is already prepping for your arrival!  


To Do

Prior to move in, you need to complete the following things:

  1. Complete your Attestation Form
  2. Find your RUID card
  3. Be in compliance with the State of New Jersey and University vaccination requirements, including the COVID-19 vaccine



Move In Schedule 

Date Group
Wednesday, August 30 New Students
Friday, September 1 Returning Students

*Please check your email for move in times*

IMPORTANT: The process of conducting movein and having all the resources in place to support movein requires that Housing & Residence Life become firm about requiring students to arrive on their assigned movein date during the time frame provided. We also provide advance notice to allow you to make travel plans and adjust schedules to arrive when required. Early arrivals are not permitted.  



8/30 and 9/1: Where to go?  

  • Directions 
      • Students will begin by driving down Cooper St. 
      • Turn right onto 5th St 
      • Continue on Pearl St 
      • Turn left onto N. 3rd St   
      • Pull into parking lot C15 
  • Once in Lot C15 
      • You will be directed into a designated parking  
      • The student should proceed to the check in table, by themselves, to check in and receive further instructions 
  • After you are officially checked in and are cleared to move your car, you will go to Lot 12 for the Camden Tower and Camden Apartments and Lot 10 for 330 Cooper 
      • You will be assigned a designated parking spot.  
        • A sanitized cart will be provided for you to place all your belongings into.  
      • You will receive instructions on how to enter and exit the building once you begin unloading. 
    • You will have one hour to utilize the cart and move your car from lot C12.  
    • Student volunteers will be on site to assist with loading and unloading cars