Since the Rutgers Camden residence halls are a home away from home for adults, we believe in fostering an environment of responsibility. As such, residents are expected to carry their keys and ID with them any time they leave their room, exiting the building or not. So that this privilege is not abused, the following policy is in effect 

  • The resident should first contact their roommates and have them bring the ID to the resident, if the ID is in the apartment. 
  • Come to the 330 Security Desk to complete an official lockout. The RSC/RA will provide the resident with a temporary front door key. The resident will proceed, unaccompanied, to their apartment, retrieve their RUID card, and proceed back to the lobby to return the front door key. 
  • The student has a maximum of 15 minutes to retrieve their RUID card before the front door key must be returned. If the key is not returned within 15 minutes, the resident will incur a $10 fine for every 5 minutes the key is late. 
  • No ID or ID failure would need to be resolved if during hours OHRL Office or Impact Booth is open.  If not, then the resident is issued a temporary front door key. The resident must obtain a new RUID card and return the front door key by 4:00pm the following business day. 
  •  A $75 fee will be applied for failure to return the temporary key on time (the cost of a replacement key).  


The following are the service fees associated with multiple uses of the lock-out service when provided by the OHRL or any of its staff: 

  • 1st time——————courtesy 
  • 2nd time—————–$5.00 
  • 3rd time—————–$10.00 
  • 4th, 5th, 6th, etc.——— $20.00 

Note: Lock-out service requests between 12am and 8:30am are all done for a charge of $20.00, after the first courtesy service.