Requesting Cancellation of a Housing Contract


A student contracting for on-campus housing accommodations accepts and is committed to those accommodations for the entire contract period.  Housing Contract cancellations have a direct impact on the University’s housing operations because the budget for housing operations is derived entirely from operating revenue under the Housing Contract.
The Housing Contract is similar to other consumer contracts. Its value is that its terms provide conditions to which either party is assured compliance by the other. While many consumer contracts do not provide opportunities for a party to terminate the agreement, the Housing Contract does provide for termination, but only in accordance with specific reasons. 
If you decide to that you want to leave on-campus housing before your contract is scheduled to end, you will need to request to be released from the Housing Contract. If you are a current student, please come talk with us in the Office of Housing & Residence Life before you make your final decision. Cancellation of the housing contract may have a signifigant financial impact and will affect your financial aid package; we want every student to be informed before they make this decision.
You can request a release from the Housing Contract by completing a Request For Termination of Housing Contract Form.  This can only be done in writing; e-mailing or calling the Office of Housing & Residence Life or any other office at the University does not constitute a proper request.  The student bears all responsibility for officially requesting release from the housing contract from Housing &  Residence Life, and is responsible for all housing charges up until the date the request for contract termination form is approved, all personal items have been removed from their assigned space, and room keys have been returned to Housing & Residence LifeOnly the student named on the housing contract may request cancellation of the housing contract- a parent or guardian is not able cancel the student's contract. Withdrawing from the University does not automatically cancel your housing contract.
Housing Contract Cancellation Fees
Prior to a student's move-in date for the contract they are requesting to  cancel, a cancellation fee will be assessed if the request for cancellation is approved based upon the following schedule:   
Cancellation Fee Schedule Prior to Move-In Cancellation Fee Amount
Prior to July 1st $200
July 1st - August 1st $400
August 1st through Move-In Day** $600
NOTE:  Move-In Day is considered to be either the scheduled date of check-in communicated to the student from Housing & Residence Life or the actual date the student accepts their room key, whichever occurs earlier.  
*Official move-in dates vary from year to year and for each individual academic program.  Please check with Housing & Residence Life for information about the move-in date for your particular program. 
After Move-In Day (as defined above) students will only be released from their housing contract for extenuating circumstances. See below for examples.
Once move-in day has passed the student is responsible for paying a daily rate for the housing space assigned to them.  If a request for housing contract termination is submitted and approved for extenuating circumstances there will be no cancellation fee or penalty for breaking the contract, but the student is responsible for paying the daily rate. 
Examples of extenuating circumstances: (NOTE: Additional documentation may be required to evaluate the request)  
  • Graduation from Rutgers University
  • Entering Military Service
  • Withdrawal from the University
  • Academic Dismissal
  • Participating in a University approved study abroad program
  • Death of an immediate family member/guardian
  • Long-term hospitalization of the student or other extenuating medical condition  
Please print the request form below and complete the information requested. You will then need to bring the form into the Office of Housing & Residence Life or mail a signed original to our office. You can also fax the form to our office at (856) 225-6277, but will also need to mail a signed original to our office at:

Office Housing & Residence Life
215 North 3rd Street
Camden, NJ 08102

Until the form is received and you have been approved for a contract cancellation, you will continue to be charged for any applicable housing fees.
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