As a way to maximize the academic and social opportunities for our residents, the Office of Housing and Residence Life offers Themed Floor Communities. Through involvement in a Themed Floor Community, resident students will have the unique opportunity to live with students that are pursuing very similar academic or career goals, and/or share similar involvement interests and needs. The communities being offered for the 2019-2020  academic year are explained below.  Each themed area will have a specially selected Resident Assistant assigned to work with the community, and will be supported byprofessional staff from Housing & Residence Life. Themed Floor Community residents are able to participate in all Housing and Residence Life programs in addition to the specialized programs offered just for their chosen themed floor community.  

The Health and Medical Sciences Interest Floor

The Health and Medical Sciences themed community will be in the Camden Tower building and will focus on providing residents with an environment that will ease the stress of these academically rigorous programs by understanding the challenges unique to this group. With an RA who can coach students on securing great research opportunities and student organization involvement, members of this floor will have a distinct advantage in their college experience. From sharing classes with floormates to programming tailored to the science-minded student, residents will find their first-year has set them up for long-term success!
Intended Target Population: Students majoring in Biology and other pre-medical sciences; those considering a health-sciences career
Program Vision: Workshops with faculty, off-campus trips, community service with local hospitals, professional panels, medical student panel.

The Business Interest Floor

In business, its not just what you know, but WHO you know- and this floor provides access to peer support and mentoring tailored to the business student. This community will be in the Camden Tower building and will connect students to each other outside of the classroom to provide easy access for study sessions, group assignments, and much more! Residents of the Business themed community will develop a strong foundation in their first year from their peers that can assist them to graduation day and beyond, while also enjoying all the benefits of the on-campus experience which include fun events, living with close friends, and the convenience of always having essential resources available!

Intended Target Population: Business School enrolled-students; undecided majors but looking toward business
Program Vision: Workshops with Business School, Career Center; professional panels, dress for success, money management. 

The Nursing Interest Floor

The Nursing floor will encourage students to begin to make connections that will last their college careers and beyond. With a passionate Nursing student RA who can help mentor residents through their first-year at college, we are excited to offer this special opportunity in supporting these students. Succeeding in shared courses and navigating a unique College within Rutgers University-Camden sets nursing students apart from other health-sciences peers.
Intended Target Population: Students enrolled in the School of Nursing; those considering a health-sciences career
Program Vision: Workshops with faculty, organized mentoring with sophomore/junior/senior students, community service with local hospitals, trips to medical points of interest in the region

The Undeclared Major Floor

Entering Rutgers without a defined major leaves students free to explore their interests, but can also be a scary endeavor. Participants in this community will benefit from a focus on helping residents in a process of self-discovery. By making informed decisions on how to navigate the University’s structure through guidance from Camden College of Arts and Sciences Advising Deans and Career Center Career Counselors, students will avoid making missteps that can cost them time and money. Professional and student staff will focus attention on residents helping students find their academic homes!
Intended Target Population: Students entering Rutgers as Undecided Majors or without a clear academic or career vision/path
Program Vision: Workshops with Career Center on personality and skills assessment, in-hall interactions with Career Counselors and CCAS Advising Deans, mentoring from campus leaders who changed majors.

Global Village Community

Being re-visioned for 2019/2020, the Global Village Community will be offered in the Camden Apartments building, and is a great option for International Students or any student that is thinking about learning abroad at some point in their college experience or who wants to have a deeper understanding of the world.  We invite first-year International Students and other globally minded students to consider selecting our Global Village Community! You’ll be partnered with students with an interest in global learning- given special events to create great conversations- enjoying music, sports, language, and food!
Intended Target Population: Incoming Rutgers students of any major looking to make a connection with other students by living with someone of a different culture than theirs.

Honors College Community

Students admitted into the Honors College that opt into this community in the Camden Apartments building will be housed with returning Rutgers-Camden Honors College students to have a peer mentorship experience. Special programs that fit Honors College requirements will be offered- making your life simpler! You’ll grow as a new Rutgers-Camden Scarlet Raptor and receive some great advice from upperclassmen while enjoying all the perks of Apartment living! 

Intended Target Population: Rutgers students that have been admitted into the Honors College at Rutgers University-Camden.
You will be able to indicate your interest in a themed floor when you complete your 2019/2020 Housing Contract online.  

General Learning Outcomes for Students:

Through participation in a themed housing floor, a residential student should:
  • Develop a greater understanding of their intended major, career choice, or society in general
  • Be exposed to new and enlightening information that can help to shape their thinking
  • Gain greater and earlier knowledge of what resources and opportunities exist both inside and outside of the University
  • Make connections with other students that share similar interests or aspirations, and begin to work together to achieve them
  • Gain a greater understanding of how the residential life program enhances their academic potential

Proposed programs

Programming for Themed Floor Communities will be built upon the theme topic. While all residents of the community are invited to all Residence Life programs, programs for themed communities will be designed for this specific community in mind, and in cases of trips or larger events, will be offered to themed floor community members first.
  • Special lectures by guest speakers/faculty
  • Trips
  • Community outreach
  • On Campus Social Activities
  • Political issues affecting themed community future professionals (immigration and citizenship, same-sex marriage, public health issues)
  • Networking with alumni

FAQs for contemplating students and their families:

Q: I’m interesting in living in one of these communities! What do I need to do to be placed on a themed floor?
A: Students interested in a themed floor need to indicate this in the appropriate section on their housing application.  
Q: What are the perks to living in a Themed Floor Community?
A: Students accepted into a Themed Floor Community will be living with other students who share similar academic and/or social interests as themselves. Additionally, programs in the Themed Floor Communities will be tailored to the community theme, and there will be exclusive Themed Floor-only programs available each semester. Participation in a Themed Floor Community will help students to become more connected with the campus, their major, and/or their personal interests with a plan for fostering greater academic success.
Q: If I select to live in a Themed Floor Community, can I still participate in other Housing and Residence Life events?
A: Absolutely! Themed Floor Community residents are able to participate in all Housing and Residence Life programs in addition to the specialized programs offered just for their chosen theme floor community!
Q: Do I have to live on a Themed Floor if I don’t want to?
A: No, living on a Themed Floor is optional. If you decide not to live in themed housing this year you will still receive lots of programming opportunities and staff support from Housing & Residence Life.
Q: Is there any additional cost associated with living in a Themed Floor Community?
A: There are no additional costs associated with selecting to live in a Themed Floor Community.
Q: I am in the Honors Program. Do I need to select to live on the Honors Floor?
A: No, we group our Honors residents together automatically per the request of the Honors College.
Q: As an Honors Student can I choose to live on a themed floor instead of the Honors Floor?
A: Yes, as an Honors College student you may select to live in a Themed Floor Community that is separate from the Honors Floor. However, you should be aware that other students of the Themed Floor may not be enrolled in the Honors College.
Q: Is space on the themed floors limited?
A: Yes. In order to provide a concentrated experience for those living in a themed floor community we need to limit space.
Q: What should I expect from my residential experience if I decline to live on a themed floor?
A: Involvement and self-selection into a Themed Floor Community will provide specialized and targeted programming and community living options. If you do not wish to live in a Themed Floor Community, you can expect to participate in more traditional and general community-wide programs planned by the Office of Housing and Residence Life staff and live on a floor comprised of students of varying interests, involvement levels and backgrounds. You will still have plenty of opportunities to get involved, meet new people, and enrich your academic and social pursuits.