Limited storage space is available on a first come, first serve basis for actively enrolled students with a current Housing Contract. Priority consideration will be given to students whose permanent home address is outside the continental US or students whose permanent home address is more than 300 miles from campus. All items placed in the storage room must be clearly marked inside and outside with the student’s name, class year, RUID and cell phone number. The only person allowed to store or remove belongings from the storage room is the student that signed the storage agreement, unless written permission with a signature from the owner of the belongings and a signature from the person removing items is provided to the Office of Housing and Residence Life office by the owner. Anyone storing or removing another student’s belongings without written permission from the owner of the belongings will be subjected to disciplinary action.  There is a $300.000 storage fee associated that is non-refundable. Payment is due prior to you dropping off your items for storageThe amount due is payable online at:



The storage room is secured and will only be opened by a member of the Housing and Residence Life staff prior to move-in for the following semester. The storage room will be opened as long as the student has provided a member of the Housing and Residence Life staff with proper ID. Students will sign in and out when escorted into the storage area.

Upon reading, understanding, and signing the storage agreement the student will be assigned a storage area and number. Keep in mind that space is limited and students may not store more than 10 boxes/bins depending on size (size and number is at the discretion of the Housing and Residence Life staff). All items being stored need to be in a securely closed box or bin (loose items will not be accepted to store) and must be clearly marked inside and outside with the student’s name, class year, RUID and cell phone number. Rutgers University will not be liable for any storage items that are lost/missing, stolen, or damaged. Be aware that each student using storage is solely responsible for their own items. The University reserves the right to refuse to store any box or item at their discretion. Students who graduate, withdraw, or transfer from the University as well as students without a current Housing Contract will not be allowed to leave items in storage.

  • By entering your name below you, the owner, have read and understand the above agreement and desire to store your personal property
  • Please enter a number from 1 to 10.
  • Please list the contents of the boxes below. Please keep list organized (IE: Box 1 contents together, Box 2 contents together, etc.)
  • The storage period shall be from ___________________ and will continue until owner claims property on or before the studen'ts scheduled move in date for Fall 2023. If owner fails to claim property on or before the last day of storage indicated on this agreement, Rutgers University–Camden may do all or one of the follow: • Charge a late fee for every extra day items are kept in storage at the rate of $10 per day until property is claimed. • If items are left longer than 30 business days after the period specified on contract there will be an additional $50 charge assessed and the items will be considered abandoned property.
  • I understand I will not have access to my belongings until the net move-in cycle.
  • I understanding that any damage, loss, theft, is not the responsibility of the university and I accept full responsibility, including all financial liability of items stored.
  • I understand that the $300.00 storage fee is non-refundable.
  • Please enter your name and todays date as a signed agreement of this policy