By remaining on-campus during Summer 2021, I accept the following:

  • All Summer residents will be assigned to the Camden Apartments building. Current 330 Cooper residents remaining for the Summer term will begin transitioning to the Camden Apartments in the beginning of May 2021. 
  • There will be limited services available to students, including limited Residence Life activities, no access to Dining, Campus Center or University Library.  All services are provided to students virtually. 
  • The Student Code of Conduct and the On-Campus Living Guide will still govern the halls. 
  • There will be no guests, day or overnight, permitted in Camden Apartments. 
  • Communication will be through email and/or text.
  • Students remaining on-campus will be required to be academically engaged in at least 3 credits during the summer. 
  • Students will receive a bill for the dates that they remain on-campus at a daily rate of $25.00. 
  • Students must comply with all COVID-19 Policies, including submitting test weekly for COVID-19 on Tuesday by noon, maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask at all times, and other mandates.  
  • Students must show student id to Welcome Desk Personnel at every entrance to the building and at any other time requested by university personnel.  


Summer 2021 Housing