Academic Year Contract

The Academic Year Contract permits occupancy beginning in August or early September (in conjunction with the student’s academic program of study) and ending 24 hours after the student’s last final exam of the spring semester, or Commencement, in May. Students are permitted to reside in housing during all break periods during the fall and spring semesters. 

Calendar Year Contract

The Calendar Year contract allows occupancy for approximately one year. By selecting this contract type there is no need to complete a summer housing contract; the cost of summer occupancy is included in the fall and spring semester payments. The contract period starts approximately 24 hours before classes or orientation for the student’s specific school/program/class year begins. The contract period ends on July 31st for students not returning to housing for the next year. Students who are returning for the next academic year must complete a new housing contract with Housing & Residence life for the next year, and will be provided additional information during the summer about moving to their new room assignment if it changes.

Summer Contracts 

Rutgers-Camden offers an array of options to meet student’s needs during the summer months. Contract terms are offered that cover the full summer, a certain time frame that coincides with a particular class or program offered by the University, or can be requested for any date range a student may need. Please contact the Office of Housing & Residence Life for more information about our summer contract options.