What is the GREEN TEAM?

GREEN TEAM is a group of students interested in learning more about sustainability. They meet every other week during free period in the Apartments Lounge to educate themselves on ways to reduce negative impacts on the community. With the mentorship of a few staff members, they discuss what they experience living on-campus and look to find ways to improve housing for everyone! They encourage their peers to become more sustainable and advocate for institutional adjustments that can have a huge impact.
The GREEN TEAM has the opportunity to go out into the community to learn more- including trips to a recycling facility, touring other local campuses to see what green initiatives they have, and partnering with nearby organizations to perform essential community service!


Any current resident of Rutgers-Camden housing is eligible to be a GREEN TEAM member. Come out to a regular meeting to learn more! Special GREEN TEAM trips may show preference for active members but are open to all.
Our first meeting of the Fall semester will be announced soon.
Talk to your RA or email the Assistant Director of Residence Life Kathryn Lonczewski at k.lonczewski@camden.rutgers.edu if you are interested in becoming a GREEN TEAM member!