The Housing Contract is a legally-binding agreement between the student and the University. The resident agrees to services, policies, rules, and procedures that are, or may be, established concerning the operation of the Residence Hall. Residents are responsible for knowing the policies, rules, and procedures stated in the housing contract terms and conditions and On-Campus Living Guide.

Please view the On-Campus Living Guide here.

Contract Type

Note: It is important to keep in mind, students who wish to live on-campus contract for their housing choices. As such, once the contract is submitted and accepted, the student is bound to certain terms and conditions of the contract, which include a responsibility to notify the Office of Housing & Residence Life of certain academic events, and fees for cancellation related to those events. We encourage and recommend that all students come to the Office of Housing & Residence Life and discuss with us decisions they plan to make that would affect their housing contract status in advance.


Academic Year Contract

The Academic Year Contract permits occupancy beginning Sunday, August 30th and ending 24 hours after the student’s last final exam of the spring semester, or Commencement, in May. 

The residence halls as well as all dining facilities will remain closed for the duration of all break periods during the fall and spring semesters. These breaks include Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Break. Only students with extenuating circumstances will be permitted to remain in the halls during the break periods listed below. 

**Break periods for the 2020-2021 academic year are as follows:

Thanksgiving:  November 25, 2020- November 29, 2020

Winter Break:  December 23, 2020- January 17, 2021

Spring Break:  March 19, 2021- March 28, 2021

**Please note that halls close for each break at 7pm and reopen at 12pm on the dates  listed above.


Summer Contracts 

Rutgers-Camden offers an array of options to meet student’s needs during the summer months. Contract terms are offered that cover the full summer, a certain time frame that coincides with a particular class or program offered by the University, or can be requested for any date range a student may need. Please review Summer Contracts on our website.


General Conditions

Housing contracts are for the full term chosen by the student. Residents are to occupy the space they are assigned to by Housing & Residence Life.  Changes to the bedroom, suite or apartment assigned by Housing & Residence Life must be formally requested and approved before any relocation takes place. Rooms are to be used by the assignees only.  Residents must be officially registered for classes throughout the fall and spring semesters under full time status. Residents who drop down to part time status may be released from their housing contract and asked to vacate the halls.  Residents must have a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.0 Residents must be in good financial standing with the university. Any resident with a financial balance will not be permitted to reside on-campus. Residents must fulfill all obligations for Immunizations, Insurance and adherence with Wellness Center directives.


Financial Aid Students

All financial aid applicants who plan to reside on-campus should check the appropriate box under HOUSING PLANS when completing the FAFSA. You will automatically be assigned a resident/on campus budget when your financial aid is processed. Any change to your residency status at any point during the academic year must be reported to the Financial Aid Office immediately. A residency change will require an adjustment to your financial aid budget and may result in a change in your award status. The student bears all responsibility for notifying the Financial Aid Office of residency changes.

Visit the Office of Financial Aid website for more information



Housing charges are placed on a student’s account with the University for each term they are contracted to reside in on-campus housing, and are payable in the same manner as tuition and other fees. The student bears all responsibility for ensuring they have sufficient financial aid or resources to pay for the housing they have contracted for. Students must remain current with all financial obligations with the University. Late housing payments are subject to late payment fees. A financial hold will be placed on students’ records for nonpayment of any housing fees. Residents must be in good financial standing with the university and failure to do will result in removal from on-campus housing.


Students Returning to On-Campus Housing

During the Spring semester, you will receive full instructions pertaining to rules, obligations, and deadlines pertaining to contracting for housing for the next academic year. Full details for processing and making requests are included in the renewal instructions. 

Deadlines included in this information must be adhered to by all students. The University does not guarantee housing or room assignments beyond the terms of your current contract. 


Non-Returning Students

Students that do not plan to attend classes after the end of the fall semester, or will graduate in December of an academic year, must officially cancel your housing contract and check out of your room with the Office of Housing & Residence Life by the last day of the fall term. The Termination of Contract form is available on, on our website or at the office. Finanical Charges will continue into the spring semester until the office has received a signed Termination of Contract form, any keys provided have been returned, and the housing sticker has been removed from your Rutgers ID card.


Canceling Your Housing Contract

Requests to cancel the Housing Contract must be made in writing to the Office of Housing & Residence Life by completing a Termination of Contract form. This form is available here, on our website, or at the office. A cancellation fee will be applied based on the date of the release. Writing or telephoning another University department, withdrawing from classes, or leaving the University will not automatically result in the cancellation of your housing contract. The student bears all responsibility for officially notifying Housing & Residence Life of their desire to cancel the housing contract and leave campus housing by completing the Termination of Contract Form, and are responsible for all housing charges up until the date the termination form is received, all personal items have been removed from their assigned space, and room keys have been returned to Housing & Residence Life. Only the student who signed for the housing contract may cancel the contract; parents, relatives, or legal guardians may not cancel the contract for the resident. The decision to release a student from a housing contract will be made only at the discretion of Housing & Residence Life. 


Cancellation fees will be assessed according to the following schedule: 


Cancellation Fee Schedule


Prior to July 1st




July 1st – Move-In Day*




After Move-In Day*



NOTE: The day the resident accepts their room key is considered their move-in day. Once a resident has accepted a room key, they are responsible for paying a daily rate, in addition to the cancellation fee. 

*Official move-in dates vary from year to year and for each individual academic program. Please check with Housing & Residence Life for information about the move-in date for your particular program.



Refunds of housing charges paid to the University are processed when a student notifies the Office of Housing & Residence Life in writing of their intent to leave housing before the expected end date of their contract, or a student is forced to vacate on-campus housing for a variety of reasons (withdrawal, non-registered status, etc.). Several components make up the total charges a student pays for housing, and not all of these are refundable. Additionally, any refund due to the student will be subject to a cancellation fee for release from the contract as outlined in the section “Cancelling Your Housing Contract”. The University reserves the right to place additional housing charges upon a student who has left housing because of withdrawal or de-registration if he or she becomes an active student or re-registers for classes during the same academic year. 

After the ninth week of classes in a given semester no refunds of any housing fees paid will be processed. If charges have not yet been paid, a hold will be placed on the student’s records until payment is made in accordance with the University Hold Policy.

Students that are evicted from housing for disciplinary reasons or who have been suspended or expelled from the University, will not receive a refund of any housing fees. Further, the student evicted at any time from housing for judicial reasons will be responsible for the full cost of their housing for the remainder of the contract period. 

Requests for refunds or charge adjustments must be requested in writing and processed before June 1st of the fiscal year in which the charge occurred. After June 1st, requests for refund or adjustment will be denied.


Deadline for Formal Check-In

Notices regarding move-in dates are sent via e-mail to all students assigned to on-campus housing spaces prior to any scheduled move-in period, and are posted online at The student bears all responsibility for making arrangements to arrive on their scheduled move-in day during the scheduled move-in time to accept their room assignment. If extenuating circumstances exist that will prevent you from adhering to the posted move-in schedule, an extension or alternate move-in date can be requested by contacting the Office of Housing & Residence Life via e-mail at Note- this is a request, approval is not guaranteed. Requests for an alternate move-in date or time submitted to another University office will not be honored. 

Students that arrive for move-in outside of the approved move-in period/schedule may be assessed an improper move-in fee of $200. Full details will be provided on move-in expectations in your housing assignment e-mail.


Checking-Out of On-Campus Housing

Students departing the residence hall at the end of the academic year, at the end of their designated housing contract period, or during the academic year for any reason must check out at the Office of Housing & Residence Life during posted business hours. The student bears all responsibility for making arrangements in advance to complete the check-out process at the office before departing campus. Housing & Residence Life includes the return of any keys issued, the removal of all personal belongings from the assigned housing space, and removal of the housing sticker from the resident’s Rutgers ID card as part of the check-out process. 

Failure to return the room key(s) provided will result in a lock change for the affected area(s). The full cost of the lock change will be placed on the student’s account. 

All students on an Academic Contract must vacate their assigned housing space within twenty-four hours after their last final examination of the spring semester, with all rooms vacated no later than 5pm on the day following the last examination as listed in the University calendar. Students are required to follow any additional instructions for check-out issued by the Office of Housing & Residence Life. Graduating students may remain in housing until 5pm the day following Commencement. Housing & Residence Life reserves the right to assign graduating students to other space in the residential facilities after the last day of finals at its sole discretion.


Room Condition

A mandatory part of the check-out process requires that students leave the room to which they have been assigned in move-in condition. Move-in condition assumes that all trash and personal items have been removed, no damage has been done to the furnishings provided or walls during the student’s length of stay, and that all items and furniture that were present in the room at move-in are in place upon check-out. Personal items remaining in the room after a student has checked-out will be discarded, and a disposal fee will be assessed. 

Students assigned to a particular bedroom, suite or apartment are all responsible for the condition of the area(s) they live-in. Housing & Residence Life inspects all suites and apartments following a student departure to record the condition. Students departing suites or apartments that are determined not to be in move-in condition will be assessed fines to cover the costs of returning the suite or apartment to move-in condition. The fines will be placed directly on the student’s account. 


Students with Disabilities

If you have a disability, health condition, or psychological condition that requires special assignment consideration, please contact the Office of Disability Services at


Personal Property

The University is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to a resident’s personal property. Residents are advised to keep their suite/apartment secure at all times and carry personal property, renter’s or homeowner’s insurance to cover their personal items while living on campus. Information on this type of insurance is available on our website at, and also from many private insurance carriers. Many homeowners’ insurance policies provide coverage for student’s belongings while they are away at college. Families should check with their particular insurance company for further details and to ensure coverage is available.


Smoke Free Buildings

All on-campus housing facilities are smoke-free. Smoking is not permitted in any area of the buildings, including lounges, hallways, stairwells, laundry rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, elevators, trash rooms, mechanical rooms, storage closets, and lobbies. Students, staff, and/or faculty who smoke in unauthorized areas of the Residence Halls may be subject to University-imposed sanctions. Additionally, there is no smoking permitted within 50 feet of any of our entrances. 


Pet Free Buildings

All on-campus housing facilities are 100% pet free at all times. Residents found in possession of pets, regardless of the period of time the animal was present, will be held responsible for any judicial or financial sanctions as a result of violation of this policy. Emotional support and service animals are not designated as pets per University policy. All requests to house an emotional support animal in University housing require approval and should be submitted to the Office of Disability Services using the link listed above.

All on-campus housing facilities are 100% pet free at all times. Residents found in possession of pets, regardless of the period of time the animal was present, will be held responsible for any judicial or financial sanctions as a result of violation of this policy. 


Immunization Requirements

As a result of the state immunization law that went into effect in January 2004, Rutgers University requires that all students who live in University housing receive the meningitis vaccination and submit the appropriate documentation no later than July 1st 2020. Any student who has not provided the necessary documentation will not be assigned a space and can forfeit their assignment. Please contact the Wellness Center at (856) 225-6005, or visit the Student Wellness Center’s website for immunization information.



Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is committed to making diversity a way of University life, where all members of the University community feel welcome, valued and respected. Residents will actively participate in creating a welcoming on campus living community. We expect that our facilities be a space that respects all individuals and groups, and we encourage residents to engage in formal and informal diversity education through exploration of their own identities and the identities of those around them (including but not limited to age, gender, biological sex, religion, race, ethnicity, physical and mental abilities). This behavior is specified in the Student Code of Conduct, which all students must adhere to. Therefore, conduct that violates the rights of other individuals is grounds for immediate termination of your housing contract and/or the withdrawal of future university housing privileges. In addition, such conduct may result in university disciplinary action under Rutger’s Student Code of Conduct. More information on the disciplinary process can be found here.