What to Bring...and Not to Bring:

Packing to come to college can be a huge process. Trying to remember everything you want to have with you for a semester or longer can lead to a little forgetfulness. We have provided this suggested list of items as an aid in packing.

Note: On move-in day, there will be many students and their families moving items into the buildings. We have a limited number of carts and rolling bins available to assist in this process, but we highly recommend that students do the following to make move-in easier:

  1. Pack boxes light enough that they can be carried if necessary
  2. Bring your own dolly, hand truck, or other moving equipment to speed up the process.
  3. Be prepared to wait. With so many people taking residence at the same time, lines for elevators and University-owned hand trucks can be long.
  4. Keep the crew small. Having all of the family present on move in day is refreshing, but can also lead to complications and additional frustration. Bringing just enough people to assist in move-in is the best course of action. We do not recommend that small children come to campus this day as the moving of boxes and equipment may put them in harms way.


What To Bring To Campus:

Here is a suggested list of items to bring with you to campus…

Health insurance card or documentation

Cell Phone & Charger

Eating utensils (flatware, cups, plates, etc.)

Bed Linens

Residents of the Tower and Apartments will need TWIN XL size linens/bedding.
Residents of 330 Cooper will need FULL XL size linens.

If you’re looking for a convenient, affordable way to get extra-long sheets to fit the beds on campus, please visit the On Campus Market. OHRL has partnered with On Campus Marketing to provide a convenient and useful option to purchase the items you'll need to prepare for life in the residence halls. Please visit the website here for more information  www.ocm.com/RCC/linens

Toiletry tote bag

Alarm clock/radio



3-prong surge protector


Clothes hangers

Computer/printer and Accessories(click here for the Student Guide to Computing)


High-Efficiency (HE) laundry detergent

Trash bags and ties


Laundry bag and/or basket

Desk lamp


Curling iron


Shower slippers

Cold medicine and other over-the-counter meds

School supplies

Personal toiletries and feminine products

Prescription medications



Copy of any prescriptions

Storage containers

Weather appropriate clothing and outerwear

Small fan

Broom, dust pan, mop and bucket

Hair dryer

General, non-abrasive cleaning supplies

Bedroom wastebasket (apartment residents should also bring one for the kitchen)

You will want to coordinate items such as vacuums, irons, ironing boards, televisions, stereos, room decorations, shower curtains, bath mats, paper towels, and toilet paper with your roommates. Residence Life does have a limited number of vacuums available for student use. Contact your RA once you are on-campus to check one out.


What Not To Bring To Campus:

The “what to leave home” list will vary slightly dependent upon which building, the Tower or the Apartments, you have been assigned to. Please note that this list reflects common things students bring that they should not, but is not the complete list. Refer to the On-Campus Living Guide for a complete list of prohibited items.

Space heaters Free weights Refrigerators (these are provided by the University in every apartment/suite)
Compact electric grills (i.e. George Forman grill) Grills and grill supplies (i.e. propane, charcoal) Weapons of any kind
Plug-in air fresheners Lamps that use halogen bulbs or that have plastic lamp shades Land-line telephones or answering machines (the residence halls are no longer equipped with land-line telephone service- we recommend that students bring a cell phone with them to campus)
Candles or incense Flammable or combustible items or substances Drugs or drug paraphanelia
Pets (all pets and pet supplies are prohibited) Darts and dartboards Hot plates