Volunteer Opportunities in Camden



There are plenty of non-profits, schools, churches, and civic organizations to join and help out in the city of Camden but we wanted to highlight a few that we have worked with in the past.
We focused on locations that are convenient to campus and sustainability minded. Don't see your favorite service site? Email housing@camden.rutgers.edu to request we add one to the list!


Center for Environmental Transformation - http://www.cfet.org - Based in South Camden, they are an urban farm retreat center that runs a variety of programs and projects with the people of Camden.

New Jersey Tree Foundation - http://njtreefoundation.org/ - They have programs around tree planting and urban tree management and have done a series of plantings in Camden. Many times these events are within walking distance to campus!

Camden Children's Garden - http://www.camdenchildrensgarden.org/ - Adjacent to the Camden Aquarium, they offer programming about gardening for children in the city. Residents have coordinated trips to assist with some weekend programming in the past. It's definitely within walking distance to campus!


We are always looking for new opportunities for our students to express their commitment to service in our community. If you have an interesting opportunity, your RA or Area Coordinator would be a great resource for either an OHRL sponsored trip or a ME + YOU Program.