Getting Around the Region



While we know many of our students rely on cars to get them to campus, on-campus residents are in a special position to use other methods of transportation to get around the region. We compiled this list of options in case you wanted to know how to get somewhere without the hassle of parking or tolls!


PATCO (Port Authority Transit Corp.) - This train is part elevated regional line and part subway, and it runs from Lindenwold, NJ to 15th-16th & Locust St. in Philadelphia. It has a stop two blocks from 330 Cooper. Check out the website for maps, schedules and fare information. Also check out this link for regional college students.

Riverline - The NJtransit Riverline is a Light Rail that runs from the Camden Waterfront through our campus to Downtown Trenton. Click the previous link is about policies and procedures for riding if you have questions about schedule check here. Did  you know that you can ride the Riverline to Trenton and hop on another train that drops you off at Penn Station in New York City?

Speaking of New Jersey Transit! They have a great website with a range of bus and train offerings to get you all around the state. For example did you know residents live six blocks to the Walter Rand Bus Terminal with all sorts of options for getting around the area. The trip planner feature at NJtransit can help you figuring out your trip!

SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvannia Transportation Authority) - This transit system can get you almost anywhere in the city and has regional lines out to the suburbs of Pennsylvannia. You can even get a train to see the Phillies by hopping off the PATCO at 12th & 13th and Locust St. and getting on the Broad Street line. That train ends 2-3 blocks from the stadium. (Full disclosure they are long blocks because of all the parking but hey, that is better than paying for parking!)