Top Ten Reasons to Stay on Campus


Sleep more, Drive LESS- While the rest of the people in your son or daughter's class are sitting in morning traffic, your college student is getting those oh so precious extra minutes of sleep.  And in the afternoon between classes they can take a nap in their own comfortable bed and get rejuvenated for class.


Parking- No worries about parking since the lot is right in front of the building and reserved exclusively for residents.


Hassle-free living- Everything is included!  All utilities, satellite television including HBO, furniture, internet, microwave*, refrigerator, central air and heat, and more!


Better grades- Studies have shown that students who live on-campus get better grades, and are more likely to graduate in 4 years.  And with the number of courses requiring group projects at the University, being on-campus will allow your student to meet with other classmates late and not have to worry about scheduling meetings on weekends.


Friends- There is no easier way for your son or daughter to meet friends that they will keep for a lifetime than living on-campus. Also, by being tied-in to a community of 500+ students, they will meet people here that they never may have by commuting.

Amenities- With fast Ethernet connections, private fitness centers,  private laundry facilities, private computer labs featuring wireless connections, lounges with TV’s and pool tables and in-house free tutoring services, we have it all covered!

Access- Within 2 blocks of the building we have access to public transportation services from NJ Transit, PATCO, and the Riverline to reach Philadelphia, Trenton, New York City, the Jersey Shore, and beyond!


Time Management- One of the biggest challenges of being a college student today is never having enough time to do ALL the things they want.  Well, living on-campus may make those time-dependent decisions easier.  By only being across the street from the heart of campus, students will find it much easier and more likely that they will become involved in campus organizations and athletic teams, attend sponsored programs, and get assignments done ahead of time by accessing the resources of the University.


Security- The Residence Halls are secured 24/7 by trained security officers working under the supervision of the Rutgers Police.  No need to worry about your safety while living on-campus.


Additional Programs- The Resident Assistants plan and implement a wide range of programs and events held exclusively for resident students.  With anything from trips to Baltimore, cultural food nights, or trips to the shore or the Poconos your student will be sure to find something they like.