Papal Visit Weekend Resident Registration

During the weekend of September 25th through 27th the Philadelphia/Camden metropolitan area will be the host to a Papal Visit during the World Meeting of Families.  That weekend the meeting and Papal Visit are expected to draw nearly 1.5 million visitors to downtown Philadelphia.  

Information for Residents

1. All three residence halls will remain open and accessible to residents during the papal visit weekend.  Security staffing provided by RUPD will be in place as usual.  Residents will need to register in advance to be on campus so that we know exactly how many students are on campus.  SEE BELOW.

2. Effective 8:00am Friday, September 25th through 8:00am on Monday, September 28th  NO GUESTS WILL BE PERMITTED to enter any of the three residence halls.  The buildings will become resident-only access and you will need your Rutgers ID card with housing sticker affixed to enter.  There will be no exceptions to this- please plan accordingly.

3. The only other building that will be open on campus will be the Campus Center in order to provide meal service for resident students.  The hours for dining will be as follows:

-          Friday 9/25: 10:00am-6:00pm

-          Saturday 9/26: 10:00am-6:00pm

-          Sunday 9/27: 10:00am-6:00pm

-          Monday- Dining will resume normal Monday operating hours

All other campus buildings, including libraries, the Fitness Center, and academic buildings will be closed.

4. Planning by City, State, and Federal agencies at this time calls for the Ben Franklin Bridge and several main roads leading to the bridge to be closed during the papal visit weekend.  Obviously those road encircle the campus.  If you are on campus and decide to leave campus during the affected time period you may find difficulty in being able to return to campus without significant delays.


While we are not requiring any resident to leave campus, we also want you to be aware of the information above and the expected impact to the Camden area so that you can plan ahead.  If you are planning to head home or leave town for the weekend be sure your travel plans have you departing campus before Noon on Friday and not returning until Monday morning at the earliest to avoid travel and/or transportation delays.


Action Steps for Residents

1. Register for access - SEE BELOW.

2. If you are planning to be on campus, consider going food shopping and obtaining any medicines or critical items you need to reduce the need to travel during the visit weekend.  Our Shopping Shuttle will be running on Saturday, September 19th on its normal schedule.  We will also have staff on site planning programs during the visit weekend- please look for the flyers as the events are posted.

3. If you will have a car on campus during the visit weekend it will need to be moved to Lot 10 (behind 330 Cooper- unreserved spaces only) or Lot 12 (in front of the Tower/Apartments buildings- unreserved spaces only).  Lots 13 and 14 (located on 3rd street) will be closed to student parking.

4. If you are planning to head home for the visit weekend please be sure to turn off any electronics that remain in your room, secure any valuables you are leaving in your room, and take out your recycling and trash.


330 Cooper, Camden Apartments, Camden Tower