Housing Contracts, Information, and Rates

The Office of Housing & Residence Life offers a variety of contracts to meet all student needs.



Housing Contract Information

 - Types of Contracts Offered

For convenience, Housing & Residence Life has implemented online completion of housing contracts. Please use the links below to access our housing contracts. We recommend that you print copies of the contracts you complete for your own records. Please contact us with any questions.


On-Campus Housing Rates

 - 2017/2018 Housing Rates

**NOTE: Housing rates for the 2017/2018 Academic Year were set by the Board of Governors on July 19, 2017. 

Housing rates for 2018/2019 will not be available until mid-July 2018.



 - Fall/Spring 2018-2019 HOUSING CONTRACT

Housing Contracts for Fall/Spring 2018-2019 are available for ALL students, new and continuing.  

Please click the link above to access and submit your contract.
You will need your Rutgers netID and password to complete a Housing Contract.


NOTE: If you are a newly admitted undergraduate or graduate student you must officially accept the offer of admission from Rutgers University in order to complete a housing contract. This includes paying any admission deposit that may be required.

Newly admitted Graduate Students: The admission process for graduate students differs from the process used for undergraduate students. This sometimes causes a delay in systems talking to each other, which may have an effect on your ability to complete your housing contract online. Housing & Residence Life will assist you in getting past any of these issues. If you run into any problems once you click the link to the left and attempt to login, please click here and let us know. Someone from our office will contact you within two business days, or sooner in most cases, with additional information.



Summer 2018 Housing Contract

Housing Contracts for Summer 2018 are now available for current Rutgers students and newly admitted undergraduate and graduate students.  
Please click the link above to complete and submit your contract.

Summer 2018 Housing Rates
**NOTE: All summer housing rates are based upon an across the board cost of $20.00/night/student regardless of room type, academic program, or building assigned.

Full Summer Current Housing Resident  5/11/2018 through 8/16/2018 - $1940.00
Full Summer (1T) 5/27/2018 through 8/16/2018 - $1620.00
Session 1A 5/27/2018 through 6/22/2018 - $520.00
Session 1B 5/27/2018 through 7/6/2018 - $800.00
May-July Period 5/27/2018 through 7/31/2018 - $1300
Law MSP-Jump Start (NO FALL HOUSING) 6/6/2018 through 8/5/2018 - $1200.00
Law MSP-Jump Start (CONTINUING TO FALL HOUSING) 6/6/2018 through FALL MOVE IN - $1420.00
Law Jump Start (NO FALL HOUSING) 6/10/2018 through 8/5/2018 - $1120.00
Law Jump Start (CONTINUING TO FALL HOUSING) 6/10/2018 through FALL MOVE IN - $1340.00
Session 2D 6/24/2018 through 7/20/2018 - $520.00
Session 2H 7/8/2018 through 8/16/2018 - $800.00
Session 3J 7/22/2018 through 8/16/2018 - $520.00

**NOTE: If the structured options above do not fit your needs, or if your academic program meets on a different schedule than what is noted, you can self-identify your desired contract dates in the Summer 2018 Housing Contract.




 - Cancelling a Housing Contract

If you wish to cancel a housing contract, click here for more information regarding contract cancellation.