Green Initiatives

Here in the Office of Housing and Residence Life, we are committed to improving our buildings, our campus, and our city, by increasing our sustainable practices. Through better monitoring of our use of electricity and water, replacing existing building features with more modern and efficient options as needed, and challenging our staff and students to consider green alternatives, we are working to do our part in reducing our impact to the environment.  
We believe that the key to sustainable housing is teamwork, and we hope you will consider going green with us!

Here are some of our points of pride around sustainable initiatives:


-The Green Room Certification is a cool way to see just how green you are- plus you can win some cool prizes! Check it out today!

-The OHRL GREEN TEAM meets every other week to educate ourselves and others on how easy it is to “go green.”  This group of students will get the opportunity to become resident experts on sustainability! Check out their website to learn more!

- All water in the Camden Tower and 330 Cooper buildings is filtered, meaning students don’t need to purchase bottled water. In the Camden Apartments, students have filtered water through their refrigerators and kitchen sinks. 
Drinking tap water has been independently evaluated as a healthier option than bottled- for your body, your wallet, and the environment.

-Single-stream recycling exists in all three residence halls, making the choice to recycle easy!
Follow this link to see everything that is accepted through our single-stream recycling program.  

-Students can catch the Saturday Shopping Shuttle to shop at the local Goodwill- saving them money and keeping usable items out of a landfill. If residents are busy on Saturday, then there are still many options for accessing the region for shopping, trips home, or nights out.

-High Efficiency washers and dryers are installed in all residence halls. These appliances use less water and energy, and they fit more clothes and require less detergent, saving students money!

-Students can pick up a “green bag” at the OHRL offices during business hours to use in their recycling bins. These bags keep waste from attracting pests and make the lives of our custodial team easier, so they are a win-win!

-Motion sensor lighting in 330 Cooper common spaces means lights go off when the room is not in use.

-The Office often partners with local organizations to do service projects related to sustainabilty, we have some cool options here.


If you have suggestions for how we can improve on our commitment to reduce, reuse, and recycle, please send an email to or speak with a staff member.

We love to hear your ideas!