Fall 2017 Move-In Information



Fall Move-In 2017 is approaching!

The staff of the Office of Housing & Residence Life are excited that you will be staying with us for the 2017/2018 Academic Year. We are actively preparing for your arrival to campus, and trust that you are also making many necessary preparations.

Below you will find important information that will aid you in arriving to campus, including how to access your room assignment and roommate information, but before you start clicking through the different pieces of information, please keep a few things in mind about the actual move-in day.

Helpful Tips for move-in day:

1. Assemble your personal moving crew carefully. Housing & Residence Life has arranged move-in days and times(see link below) so that residents do not arrive at the same time. The benefit of this is that 700+ people, and their loved ones, are not trying to occupy the same space at the same time. You can aid in the efficiency of this effort by limiting your moving crew to people that can actively help you bring belongings into the buildings. We highly recommend that small children and older adults not be a part of this effort.

2. Pack smart, and LIGHT. OHRL will have many move-in carts and bins for use on move-in day, but there are always more students moving-in than carts available. Packing your belongings in a way that allows them to be carried by you and your moving crew will allow you to get the process started without waiting for a cart to become available. We will have student volunteers available to assist in your moving-in effort.

3. Be on-time. Move-in dates and times are assigned and posted early so that our staff can be ready to assist you, and can also tend to other responsibilities before and after check-in closes up for the day. Students must arrive to campus on the date that applies to them during the time window assigned. Please see information below to review these details, and important penalties for not arriving on the date and/or time assigned.

4. Ask questions. If you are unsure about any of your housing information (room assignments, roommates, move-in day, etc.) please ASK US prior to arrival. Our office is committed to finding answers and solutions to any problem, but we can do a lot more if we are aware of problems prior to move-in day.


Move-In Dates and Times

Room Assignments and Roomates

On-Campus Living Guide

What To Bring ... And What NOT To Bring to Campus

Meal Plan Information

Getting to Rutgers-Camden


Move-In Policy and Procedure

Move-in windows (consisting of a date and time frame) have been set for each incoming group of residents based upon academic calendars, any possible orientation programs that Housing & Residence Life has been notified about, and the operational demands on our housing buildings and ability to have them prepared for arrival.  You can conveniently find this listing of information via the link above.  

Move-in dates and times are firm.  A great deal of planning, preparation, and resources go into moving hundreds of students into residential buildings in a short amount of time.  We need you to plan ahead and make necessary arrangements so that you arrive on your scheduled day, during your assigned time window.  If you fail to arrive as required, an Improper Move-In Fee may be assessed as noted below.

If you have an extenuating circumstance that will affect your move-in date and/or time as assigned above, or if you have an academic or student leadership commitment or responsibility, and would like to request an alternate move-in date and/or time, you may do so by completing the following request form online: ONLINE ALTERNATE MOVE-IN REQUEST FORM  Note that this is only a request.  Housing & Residence Life will respond via e-mail only.  Please do not call the office to request a move-in date or time change.  ALL REQUESTS FOR ALTERNATE MOVE-IN MUST BE SUBMITTED BEFORE AUGUST 11, 2017.


The improper move-in fee for 2017 is $200.

Students WILL NOT receive an improper move-in fee if they:

  • Move-in on their assigned move-in day during their assigned time, or...
  • Move-in during our regular business hours during the first week of school (please let us know this is your desire by completing the request form above), or...
  • Receive approval for an alternate move-in date and/or time (also via the request form above).

Students WILL receive an improper move-in fee if they:

  • Move-in outside of their assigned date and/or time or September’s normal business hours


If you have questions about any of the information on this page, or any move-in details, please ASK US!